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PREsented on May 7, 2021

Reckon Presents: Free Reckon Small Business Seminar

Hosted by Reckon and presented by Heather Sanders from Business Addition

On the day you will learn:

  • The what, the why and the when of the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 initiative.
  • Learn how Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 will affect your business, and what you need to do now in your Payroll Software to be prepared.
  • Learn what to do once the Closely Held Concession comes to an end on July 1.
  • Hear the latest regarding the COVID Stimulus – Job Maker.
  • We’ll also be presenting and discussing what’s next from Reckon, including important updates and exciting new product releases.

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Interested in mastering Cash Flow Management in your business?

Cash Flow Coaching: Free Introductory webinars – Helping small businesses better understand cash flow management

Individual follow up/implementation appointments can be arranged for webinar attendees. 

There is a lot to do when starting or running a business. The financial and cash flow foundations are essential for business viability. Cash Flow Coaching can help small businesses to navigate their way to the right information and then translate this information into action.

What you’ll learn: 

The Foundations 

  • Learning the fundamental concepts of cash flow.
  • Understanding how cash flows in and out of your business and ways to assess your businesses viability.
  • Scenario planning to identify possible ways to improve performance by increasing cash in / reducing cash out in your business. 

Effective cash flow management techniques

  • Health check – identify potential areas to help strengthen cash flow management practices.
  • Cash flow canvas – a simple way to represent how cash flows in and out of your business.
  • Change levers – realistic ideas to support your small business to take action to improve the performance of your business and strengthen cash flow.
  • Action checklist – learn to set goals and define the steps your business needs to take.

The Benefits

  • Learn how to navigate to the right information.
  • Improve business and financial acumen.
  • Master the art of making critical decisions.
  • Practice the steps to planning ahead.
  • Focus on meeting financial commitments and regulatory obligations. 

Interested in mastering Cash Flow Management in your business? Give our friendly team a call today on 0418 880 614.