Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing an excellent Bookkeeper to add to your business is about more than qualifications and experience alone, it’s also about choosing the best fit for your individual needs.

How do I get my documents to you?

Dropbox is our preferred method. We also use Google Drive, OneDrive, Email, and snail mail. We can adapt to any process that makes your life easier.

How does Business Addition charge?


We offer a free 45min consultation in a setting of your choosing – online, over the phone or face to face.

BAS Agent and Bookkeeping Tailored Package

From $ 100 per week (GST inc)

Business Analysis

From $ 220

BAS Checks Reports and Lodgment

From $ 220 per lodgment (GST inc)

Training – including a training manual

$250 session (GST inc)

Do you do any training?

Yes, we have many clients who we train across a variety of programs and services.

What type of security do you have in place?

We understand how important it is to have trust in the company that you hire to manage your private financial information. The privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance to us and we won’t share your information with third parties unless explicitly authorised to do so. Any data that we have will be held in the strictest confidence.

All employees have been undergone a thorough vetting process, including background checks. They have also signed a confidentiality agreement to protect your information. 

Your company data is accessed by the bookkeepers detailed in your Engagement Letter and all passwords used are strong and unique with a two-step verification process in place whenever possible.

For storage and accounting files we use secure data storage facilities and third-party hosting platforms.

Are you Registered BAS Agents?

Yes – we are registered BAS agents (H Sanders #86709000 since 2010) offering the highest level of service. Our team comprises BAS Agents registered with the Tax Practioner’s Board and administrative staff. 

To become and remain a Registered BAS Agent, our team members must complete a rigorous study and practical program, as well as meeting a yearly continuing education requirement to stay up-to-date on changing regulations and laws.

Do you assist with POS?

Yes, we have retail clients using POS and can assist with both set-up and support.

What size businesses do you work with?

We work with both SME’s and large businesses. Our clients have up to $4 million turnover and 20-plus employees and subcontractors.

Where can I download your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy policy can be downloaded here

What type of bookkeeping do you do?

Bookkeeping – Typically performed on a frequent basis like once a week or daily. We handle the day-to-day bookkeeping operations of your business. We work for you or with you, front and center, processing payroll, managing AR/AP, paying bills on a schedule of your choosing. We reconcile, review, and provide financial reports. The frequency of services and level of activity increases the base price.

After the fact bookkeeping – Typically once a month services that are performed after the prior month has ended. This is also common if you haven’t done your bookkeeping in a while and need some clean up. You handle the day-to-day operations of your business; we work behind the scenes on the books recording the activity that has occurred on a schedule of your choosing. We reconcile, review, and provide financial reports. The frequency of services and level of activity increases the base price.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

Yes, we do! We provide an initial 45-minute consultation free. This gives us the opportunity to better understand your situation and to assess whether we are the right fit for you. You can choose to take this meeting online, over the phone or face to face to best suit your individual needs.

Do you charge by the hour?

No, so long as you are assigned to one of our Tailored Packages. 

We believe that package pricing promotes more time and energy for you to dedicate towards developing your core business knowing you can call us anytime at no additional cost

For clients who prefer to be on an hourly rate, this can be arranged.

What types of industries do you assist?

We work across a wide cross section of industries, including: 

  • Child Care
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Mechanical
  • Landscaping